Strategy & Creative

With a nod to science and a focus on data, Axon will develop, integrate, and optimize your marketing strategy to execute an insightful plan to influence perception, stimulate engagement, and yield tangible results.

Each campaign involves a comprehensive procedure based on the six steps of the Scientific Method.


Work with you to identify KPIs and determine your short-term and long-term goals.


Perform an audit of your current strategy and conduct market research and competitive intelligence to garner relevant insights about your target customer, consumer behavior and determine your value propositions.


This is the foundation of your custom marketing plan. We craft messaging and assets, determine which channels will reach your target audience, allocate budget, develop a media plan to unify your campaigns across multiple channels,  and establish a timeline. This will lay the groundwork for future marketing efforts.


Activate the finalized marketing plan across specified channels according to the established timeline.

Analyze & Optimize

Collect and analyze data across all channels to determine the performance of each channel individually and understand how each component influences the others. We use these insights to continuously improve campaign performance spanning your entire strategy.


We provide comprehensive reports on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. We remain completely transparent and have a data scientist objectively interpret various statistical analyses to understand campaign performance on an ongoing basis.


We constantly survey shifts in brand perceptions to ensure we design visual representations based on quantifiable data about what captures your audience’s attention, trust, and loyalty.

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